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William Ross Elementary Today
This web site was created to pay homage to a school which still holds a very special place in the hearts of all who attended. That school is William Ross Elementary.

William Ross Elementary was the starting point of education for the communities of Sunset Acres, Cherry Brook, MacLaughlin Rd., Riley Rd., Westphal Trailer Park, homes along #7 Highway and eventually Humber Park. The school taught grades primary through to grade six. 

map1.jpg (11468 bytes)William Ross Elementary was built on the site where St. John's Anglican Church once stood.  The surrounding land was more commonly known as Long Swamp. The church, which was situated where the baseball field  is today (center field), was destroyed by a forest fire in 1849. This location was the second of 3 St. John's church locations. (The first church located around Crane Hill and the third location is currently on the corner of the #7 highway and Lake Major Road)

The church's second location remained undeveloped for many years following  the fire. Until the 1940's, the only evidence of the former church was the cemetery. church plaque.jpg (17525 bytes)The Municipality of the County of Halifax wanted to have a school to serve the surrounding communities and wanted to buy this piece of land to build on. However, for St. John's Anglican Church to sell the land, the Bishop of Nova Scotia had to approve the sale. Approval for the sale of the land was eventually granted with one stipulation; there must be a sign mounted on the school indicating that it was built on the site where a church once stood. The sale of the land carried through and the William Ross School was built in 1961. By that time, there was nothing visible of the old cemetery. A short time later, during a highway improvement project, some of the gravesites were uncovered near the school and the remains were moved to a final resting place.

From 1980 to it's closing in 1985, grades primary to three were then sent to Humber Park Elementary, leaving grades 4 - 6 at William Ross. The building still stands today and now serves the community as City Heights Church.

This site is still under construction and I hope it will grow through the sharing of stories and pictures from former students.

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